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Have I ever mentioned how much I love blogging?  I don’t just mean having a place of my own to write about my life and the cute things my kids do and say, although I do absolutely enjoy using my blog for this exact purpose. No, I was referring to the adventure MapleMouseMama has been fortunate enough to partake in recently.  That adventure I am calling “Movie Screenings? Oh Ya Baby!”  Okay, forget the silliness, but understand this; getting to see a movie for free, before it is released to the general public, especially when it is a Disney movie (or affiliate) AND being referred to as the Press or Media whilst there, is cray cray as my daughter would say!!

My most recent stint was at the advanced screening for Disney’s “PLANES” which was released to the world at large just today.  My kids, hubby and I headed into Toronto to the Scotiabank Theatre where we dined on caviar and Dole Whips from the special seating area reserved for Press, all the while fielding furtive glances from the local radio contest winners. :-)  Okay, I’m kidding.  No caviar and Dole Whips, but we did have reserved seats and I can tell you I just love how that makes me feel. So special.


So, the movie.  First let me just say that I love and adore Disney.  They can do almost no wrong in my eyes (except not pick me for the Moms Panel, but that is for another time :-( ), but aside from getting to view this movie for free, I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions expressed here are all mine. :-)  I went in with high expectations for being wowed and entertained and the movie did not let me down.  The animation was first rate with all of the wonderful little quirks that Disney Studios is known for.  For example, the Dusty paraphernalia that is sold during the race to promote the underdog.  Disney fans love a good Mickey Head antenna ball, but wait until you see the Dusty one. 

Now I assume you have an idea of what the movie is about, but if not have a peek at my little synopsis HEREDusty, a crop duster plane, is the underdog in a race around the world and he has his team of supporters, including Skipper, an old Navy war hero.  I loved how Disney incorporated planes, or characters from different countries around the world.  It was sweet, added some flavour to the film and, well, done already. :-(  Like I said, I love Disney, but I was really hoping that “PLANES” would not just be “Cars” on crack ;-)  Throughout several scenes I found myself thinking, “Yup, I knew that was gonna happen.”  Don’t misunderstand me though, “PLANES” is a great movie with a good storyline and kids will eat it up, even if it does taste a little bit like airplane food.

This movie still delivers on the underdog gets his day theme and let’s face it, isn’t that what we love most about Disney flicks?  The beautiful house maiden meets her prince and moves to the castle. The tough ole street doggie with no home meets his Lady and moves uptown.  Even a wooden puppet makes the day of his creator and becomes a real boy.  The little blooming love story on the side with the really cute French Canadian racing plane Rochelle had this Canuck chEARing.  Did you know that Rochelle, originally from Quebec, will be localized to 11 countries by having her paint job and flag changed?  I am not sure how I feel about that.  I like having Canada represented so to change her depending on the country where the movie is showing seems wrong.  Why not have the British plane, Bulldog be the one to change?  Okay, maybe this is just childish on my part, but hey, what is a MapleMouseMama supposed to think?


If you love Disney you will love “PLANES”.  If you like spending time in a theatre with a bunch of kids hopped up on pop and candy, knock yourself out.  My ten year old loved the movie and says she would go again.  The four year old, while a huge “Cars” fan, was asking to leave about half way in.  Yes, I am serious.  That could be due in part to the hour as the screening was at 7pm.  I think he will enjoy the movie more from home, in his own environment.  I should point out that this movie was in 3D, which I am not typically a fan of.  It doesn’t help that I wear glasses, have to wear glasses, and this is a pain with the 3D specs they give you.  Having said that Disney does the 3D really well in “PLANES”, much better then I expected.  There are a few gut wrenching plunges and dives that will have you exclaiming out loud.  It is nice to have a new movie to add to our children’s library of Disney animation, but unlike the revolutionary “Cars“, I don’t see a sequel in Dusty’s future.  I think his wings will be clipped.***

Will you be heading to the theatre to see “PLANES” or will you wait for the DVD to come out?  Thanks for stopping by. :-)



***Author’s note:  It would appear I am wrong about there not being a sequel to “PLANES”.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am a little stunned it is happening so soon.  The sequel to “PLANES” is called “Planes: Fire and Rescue“  and you can read a bit more about it HERE.

13 thoughts on “Disney’s PLANES, a review

    • Hey Gordon, I think the teaser you are referring to is for “Planes: Fire and Rescue”. I recently read a synopsis of it and thankfully Disney seems to have taken a new direction with it. I hope it will bring some originality to it. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks so much for the review! Any instances of parents being suddenly killed off, etc? I like to be prepared from an adoptive mama perspective…

    • Hey Kim! There are references to death, but nothing to do with adoption. The scene that shocked me a bit most is when the old war hero talks about his crew all being killed. Mine was the loud, “Oh no!” that was heard in the theatre. It didn’t seem to bother anyone, but I thought it was a bit over the top for young kids. :-(


  2. Since you love to blog, Suzanne, it is a bonus that you do it so well! Eventually I see a book in your future! That is if subjects other than DISNEY can inspire you! :-) With a great deal of love for all things DISNEY and great diplomacy you told us about “PLANES’ and I don’t think anyone who is already converted will miss this movie. Although some movies are best viewed at home, when released to us, an action movie like this and in 3D sounds like it should be viewed at the theatre! Thanks for the entertainment, Suzanne! :-)

    • Well thank you very much Gemma, I appreciate the compliment :-) I have often thought about writing a book and since starting my blog almost two years ago my range of inspiration has grown beyond Disney ( I think so anyway). You never know what the future holds…

      As for the movie, yes since the 3D was done so well I think it is best to see it in the theatre, but even on the small screen the kids will love it!


  3. Great Review. We saw it over the weekend. I thought it was a good movie, but not as good as Monsters University. In my opinion the movie is specifically geared toward the kids. The plot follows the very simple underdog formula and really holds no surprises. This could have easily been a direct-to-dvd release, but I suppose they wanted to capitalize on the 3D aspect?? A film that takes place mostly in the sky would really lend itself to 3D, I would think. We saw it in 2D because it saved us money and our 2 year old won’t wear the glasses.

    All in all, we enjoyed taking our kids to see it. We’ll end up owning it on DVD, but it’s not something we’ll rush back to the theater to see again before that.

    • I agree James, Monsters U was wayyy better. I liked PLANES, but it should have been a direct to DVD. The 3D was great and you are right about the aerial shots are almost a must to be in 3D. We were fortunate to not have to pay for our tickets, thus saving on the extra charge. It is crazy to pay an extra three to five bucks for 3D!

      It is a nice family outing though and we, like you, will end up with the DVD at some point, LOL. Thanks for stopping by James, I appreciate it.


  4. Suz,
    I am so excited about the movie! I am waiting to take my grandson next week. My baby is leaving for college {sigh} and we are busy plus I am going to need a distraction for sure! While you wait to be on mom’s panel {oh me too} I wait to go to screenings lol!
    Enjoy the rest of the summer with your kiddos! I loved reading all of their cute sayings. Kids do say some crazy things! {Let me know if you get a new baby lol}
    Have an awesome day!
    The Adored Home

    • LOL, thanks Sandra. Yeah, that new baby thing ain’t gonna happen, LOL. William will have to make do with a toy or something :-)

      I can imagine the rush of emotions you must be feeling now with your baby heading off to explore the world. Exciting, but…. You superhero grandson will help to distract and show you the adventures that await with him

      I hope you are having a wonderful summer as well ♥ Today we are off on another adventure!


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