Sweet @PlayDoh Flip n’ Frost Cookies #Giveaway

Prize and photo courtesy of The Dragyn's Lair

Prize and photo courtesy of The Dragyn’s Lair

Christmas is almost upon us and the holiday preparations have been in full swing for a couple of weeks now.  Do you have all of your shopping done?  Me neither, but I do have a sweet giveaway that might help you along. :-)  MapleMouseMama has a wonderful friend and mentor in the awesome blog The Dragyn’s Lair hosted by the one and only @DragynAlly.  Dana, the brains behind The Dragyn’s Lair, is generously offering up a great prize for a MapleMouseMama follower.   That sweet prize is a Play-Doh set from the Sweet Shoppe called Flip n’ Frost Cookies!!  Try and name one child you know that does not like messing around with Play-Doh.  Can’t do it, huh?  My son’s current favorite thing to make is Angry Birds and he is hoping Santa will bring him more colours so he can expand his aviary. :-)

To win this great prize you need only check out the Rafflecopter entry widget HERE!!!!!!! It’s that easy.  Scroll down to see the widget and follow the steps.  There are several ways to earn entries and the coolest thing about this giveaway?  It is open WORLD WIDE!!!  That too is courtesy of Miss Dragyn Ally herself.  Make sure to check out all the entries.  Leave a comment below answering the special question to start things off right.  To earn bonus points head on over to The Dragyn’s Lair and leave a comment on ANY post at all!   Make sure you read the terms and conditions please and thank you. :-)

Tell me, what do you, or your children, like to make out of Play-Doh?  Will there by any Play-Doh under your tree this year?



55 thoughts on “Sweet @PlayDoh Flip n’ Frost Cookies #Giveaway

  1. Your son’s fave thing to make with Play Doh is Angry Birds! My daughter would absolutely love this set! She loves Play Doh, but she is also a little chef who longs to become a Disney chef some day! Thanks for this giveaway, Suz!

  2. My kids love Play D’oh! I have bought my son a Cookie Monster food set for under the tree and a 3 pack of colours for both my kids stockings! This icing looks so realistic! I think my son would try to eat it lololol!

  3. My youngest child with sensory processing disorder, has always been a massive fan of play dough. The sensory component of squishing it and moulding it into something fun makes her calm and focused and happy. It’s a great tool here for us as a family with a child who has some special needs.

    • Play-Doh is the universally excepted best play thing ever Paula, but I can see how great it would be for those with sensory processing issues. What a great way to connect with your child to..


  4. My son LOVES playdoh. We had a huge tub under the tree last year for the holidays, so something more unique like this would be perfect this year. My son likes to make just about everything, but his favourite is food!

  5. We had a huge tub of playdoh under the tree last year. So this would be a great gift as it’s unique and different than what we already have. My son loves playing with playdoh… his favourite things to make are food!

  6. I would love to give my nephew more play doh, ’cause he truly loves the stuff! Especially when I bring out cookie cutters and stamps for different images. This Sweet Shop cookie maker would be *awesome*. :D

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  8. your son likes to make angry birds.

    my youngest just likes to squish playdough and my oldest likes to make snowmen with payydough.

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