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I have been motivated by some of my fellow bloggers to create a page dedicated to them!  The jist of this page is that it will contain links and buttons to the plethora of amazing blogs out there, both the ones I have been privileged to check out already and ones I plan to.  I am not tech savvy ( workin’ on it though ) so if you do not have a button, well, I will do my best to get something on here, LOL.  This page is my way of saying “Thank you” to the incredible people I have met in that mysterious place called the blogosphere. :-)  Just like my family and friends, both Disney and otherwise, I am inspired by you everyday.  I give you…Bloggin Peeps ♥



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  1. Thank you for including me! Great minds thing alike – I just last night added to my “to do” list to do the same thing on my site. So many great blogs I follow that I want to share with everyone.

    • Of course Janice, you are right at the top of my list ♥♥ I didn’t realize until I started to look more into doing this that I have tagged to follow over forty blogs!!! Pretty amazing that so many people have this passion and it all comes out in different ways and expressions :-)

      Hope your having a marvelous time in our Happy Place ♥♥♥


    • Hi Joey! I can not take credit for this idea, but I do love it! I checked out your site and could not find a button. If you make one or have an image I could share, please let me know and I will you right away :-) Thanks for stopping by!


      • Joey, a button is a picture of maybe your logo or an image that represents your blog. There is code attached to it so people can “grab it” and add it to their own sites. When you click those buttons it takes you right to that person’s page or blog. If you check out my page, Bloggin’ Peeps ( it is along the top of my blog under the MapleMouseMama part) and scroll down past the comments you can see all the buttons I have there. If you click on one it will take you to that blog. Also on my home page on the right hand side, scroll a bit, you will see my “Grab my button” with the code. If someone wants to add mine they would copy and past that code to the site they wanted it on.

        If you are interested in creating your own button check out my post on May 7th under the Life etc,, tab. The post is called “Ta Da” and there is a link to My Cool Realm” the site I used to make my button. It was pretty easy, but you do need an image you want to use. I made my own logo, very painstakingly, but I am happy with the result!

        Joey, let me know what you do and I can add your button to my page!


  2. Hi Suz, I just wanted to say thank you so much for adding my badge to your blog, that is really kind of you. I’m in the middle of jigging my blog around a bit, but as soon as I’m finished your badge will be proudly displayed on my blog too.

    Thanks again!
    Sam xx

    • Thank you for the kind words Alexa and please feel free to look around :-) We have lots of great giveaways as well!

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