Did You Just Say “A Moose In A Maple Tree?”

A Moose in a Maple TreeYou are not hearing things and no, you do not need glasses.  This time of year you often hear about a certain bird in said tree, but it is time to make some room up in the branches for Troy Townsin’s newest book, “A Moose In A Maple Tree.”  This engaging story is the “original all Canadian 12 Days of Christmas” and you will love it!  Troy, who is himself originally from down under ( aka Australia ;-) ) is now a proud Canadian and he shows it well in this delightful children’s book.  Canucks all over this whole wide world will relate well to the hockey sticks, totem poles and mounties.  I am in love with the winsome illustrations by Jennifer Harrington.  They leap off the page in an unobtrusive way and only add depth to the renewed song of Christmases past.

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Wordless Wednesday: May 29th, 2013

Wordless with leaf #3

Today’s Wordless Wednesday Disney Blog Hop has a very patriotic theme: Celebrate Your Country!  We are once again being completely hosted by Deb from Focused on the Magic as she has now returned from said magic.  Welcome back Deb!   So, how does Disney honor my home and native land?  Here are a few favorites to give you an idea…

I was so excited to find this pin, well over ten years ago!

I was so excited to find this pin, well over ten years ago!

Okay everyone say, "awwwww" ♥♥

Okay everyone say, “awwwww” ♥♥

Okay, everyone say, "hmmmmm" ♥♥

Okay, everyone say, “hmmmmm” ♥♥

Now everyone say, "mmmmmmm" ♥♥

Now everyone say, “mmmmmmm” ♥♥

Now that you have become an honorary Canuck for the past couple of minutes why not check out the other great countries Disney loves and see how they do them justice.  Share the love and leave a few encouraging words while you are at it and tell us, what country do you call home?  Does Disney represent it well for you, or even at all?

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