Did You Just Say “A Moose In A Maple Tree?”

A Moose in a Maple TreeYou are not hearing things and no, you do not need glasses.  This time of year you often hear about a certain bird in said tree, but it is time to make some room up in the branches for Troy Townsin’s newest book, “A Moose In A Maple Tree.”  This engaging story is the “original all Canadian 12 Days of Christmas” and you will love it!  Troy, who is himself originally from down under ( aka Australia ;-) ) is now a proud Canadian and he shows it well in this delightful children’s book.  Canucks all over this whole wide world will relate well to the hockey sticks, totem poles and mounties.  I am in love with the winsome illustrations by Jennifer Harrington.  They leap off the page in an unobtrusive way and only add depth to the renewed song of Christmases past.

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12 Days of Christmas Disney #Giveaway – 2013

12 Days of Christmas and MapleMouseMamaIt’s the most wonderful time of the year for yet another fantastic giveaway!!!  MapleMouseMama and Disney World Personal Shopper have teamed up with over 50 Disney blogs and Facebook pages to give away over $1000.00 in Disney World gift shop merchandise for our Second Annual “12 Days of Christmas Disney Giveaway”, running December 1st through December 12th!!!  Can I get a whoot, whoot?!

There will be 14 different prizes given away to fourteen different winners on December 13th. For each option you complete on the Rafflecopter giveaway widget you will get 1 entry point. The more points you get, the better your chances are of winning!

Make sure to complete ALL of the entry options to maximize your chances.  Please make sure to read the terms and conditions as well.  Winners will be chosen randomly through Random.org through Rafflecopter, and notified by email. All winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize. If a winner has not contacted Amy at DWPS with their address within 48 hours a runner up will be chosen and notified, so check those emails December 13th through 15th!

You only need to complete the requirements once! Once this is done you’re entered for the entire giveaway, and all it’s prizes! *** ENTER HERE *** to get to the Rafflecopter Widget and Good Luck!!

To see photos of all of these amazing prizes up for grabs in the “12 Days of Christmas Disney Giveaway” have a look see here!!

Thank you to Amy at Disney World Personal Shopper for hosting this wonderful giveaway.  See below for a list of the great Disney bloggers that are a part of this opportunity:

• Beauty In The Mess
• Bitty Beanies
• Breezy Beachy Clean
• Brianna Hill – Off to Neverland Travel
• Daily Disney Photos
• Denise Lang, Travel Planner, Ears To You Travel
• Disney Outlet Shopping Online
• Disney Pins $1.15 + Up
• Disney World Personal Shopper
• Explore-Disney-Resorts.com
• Fairy Tale Outfitters
• FastPassToTheMagic.com

• Happily Ever Hatter
• Happy Thoughts Tina
• Harvester Products
• Heather Walker MouseHunters Travel
• Home is Where the Mouse Is
• Imaginations Vacations by Katherine at Enchanted Ears Travel
• Karen Herman Mouse Tales Travel
• Katie Covington – Magical Vacation Planner, MouseHunters Travel
• Keys To The Magic Travel
• Kristin’s Pixie Vacations
• Laura Slawter – Disney Travel Consultant on FB
• LivingDisney.co
• Magic Ears Travel by Jennifer
• Magic of Mickey Travel – Vicky Drakopoulos
• Magical Adventures with Rachel
• Magical Dream Vacations By Kayla
• Magical Memories Travel by Patricia Mickus
• Magical Moments Vacations by Ashley Ebey
• Magical Mouse Vacations by Stacy
• Maple Mouse Mama
• Martha Nichols, Disney Travel Consultant
• Melissa Cady- Key to the World Travel
• Mickey Adventures by Christina Moore
• Mickey World Travel Colleen Mackiewicz
• Mickey’s Garden Villa

• Micki Stuart – Travel Consultant
• Missy’s Disney Pins
• MouseHunters Travel ~ Michele Freeman
• MouseHunters Travel Valorie & Stephanie
• My Chihuahua Life
• My Disney Life
• PassPorter
• Personal Disneyland Shopper
• Picturing Disney
• Pixie Vacations
• Sheila Nowell, Free Magical Vacation Planner
• Snowblade Creations
• Stephanie at pure Magic Vacations
• Stephanie Stasiak-Disney Destinations Specialist
• Storybrooke Villas
• Tabitha Candebat – Agent with Destinations in Florida
• Terrie Collins with Magical Memories Travel
• The Adult Side of Disney
• Theme Parks Done the Grown Up Way
• Tips From the Disney Diva
• Tleshia Farrar – Your Tastefully Simple Consultant
• Travel Deals by Dana for Disney Deals
• Travel Time With Mickey ~ Heather
• Unforgettable Destinations

• Walt Life
• Your Magical Vacations -  A Destinations in Florida Agent; Jennifer Hardy

Thank you for participating and Good Luck!!



• This giveaway promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. 
• You, the participant are providing information to [Disney World Personal Shopper] and not to Facebook.


React Mobile: How Much Would You Pay For Peace Of Mind?

React Mobile MapleMouseMama

I don’t think there is a person out there that can honestly say nothing makes them afraid.  I am not talking about snakes or spiders, I am talking about the fear that creeps up on you when you are walking alone to your car at night or even using the ATM (automated teller machine) in the lobby of a closed bank.  There may be nothing there to be scared of, but that feeling still lingers.  Irrational? Maybe, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some peace of mind in this type of situation?  Or any situation for that matter?

Introducing React Mobile, a really neat FREE app for your iPhone or Android that will quite literally turn your device into a personal bodyguard.  Now there is no need to keep glancing furtively over your shoulder when out for your morning jog ( okay, I didn’t say my morning jog, but still..) and how cool is this; React Mobile can be modified when you travel so that peace of mind can follow you everywhere!

React Mobile, MapleMouseMamaReact Mobile helps you turn your smartphone into a powerful lifeline. The app has a “Follow Me” feature, that let’s your self selected contacts track your whereabouts in real-time whenever you’re concerned for your safety. Perfect for running or walking alone early in the morning or late at night, keeping track of kids, or meeting a client for the first time, simply touch the “I’m Safe” button to let your contacts know when you’ve arrived at your destination safely. In an emergency, press the SOS shield on the app to send out a panic alert containing a link to your GPS location to select emergency contacts via text message and email, which can optionally be posted to Facebook and Twitter. Once the SOS alert is activated, you’re automatically prompted to dial 911. For users outside of North America, the app allows you to choose which country you live in (or are traveling to) from the settings tab and when an SOS alert is triggered, you will be prompted to dial the appropriate emergency authority depending on you’re geographic location (ex: in the UK the app will prompt a user to dial 112/999 not 911).”

React Mobile, MapleMouseMamaNow some might say I am a bit of a scaredy cat at times, but I like knowing that an item I have on my person all the time (my phone) can also help keep me safe.  My daughter will soon be old enough to have her own phone and React Mobile will be the first thing I download to it.  The very things kids love to do, like text, send emails and go on social media, will become an even greater asset when used with React Mobile.

Check out the site, see how easy it is to download React Mobile and even play around with it a few times (just don’t call 911 unless it is a real emergency).  See for yourself that taking control of your personal safety has just become easier with React Mobile.

Be sure to connect with React Mobile on Facebook and Twitter as well! 

Tell me please, what makes you a little afraid?  Would React Mobile work for you?



Two Cents Tuesday: Candy Crush


My name is Suzanne and I am addicted. Yes, that is right. I am addicted to Candy Crush. I resisted the pull this game had on so many, I really did. I forced myself to ignore all the invites to play it on Facebook. Yes, I love candy, but a game about candy I could surely do without. I am not a gamer, not really. The odd hand at Tetris and I am good. Maybe I knocked over the occasional weird looking piggy with an angry bird, but not that many. Then it happened. The crush started. I was lying on the table at my physical therapist’s office one day and I was stumped on a puzzle of Four Words One Pic. (I really am not a gamer. Or a skater gurl for that matter) Four Pics is great for passing the time during therapy, but the draw ( get it, LOL) for me was starting to fade like a pencil sketch hanging in a sun porch.  I asked my Physio for his opinion on the puzzle and he asked, “Have you tried Candy Crush yet?” It was like the guillotine blade came crashing, or rather crushing down and I was trapped. 92 levels ago I became hooked. I know some of you are laughing at me right now. I am a mere babe in the woods at level 92, but still it calls to me. Those blessed little pieces of candy have wrapped me around their little wrappers. And I keep coming back for more. I am addicted to Candy Crush.

Many people scorn games, at least the electronic ones, but Candy Crush has a good side to it. Several in fact. No one is getting shot at or killed. No one is swearing. Okay maybe me a little when I was stuck on level 35 FOREVER, but otherwise no swearing.. The candy is not edible so there is no weight gain or rotting teeth. It is a very easy concept so even if your four year old becomes fascinated they can play for a bit. The best reason to play Candy Crush is the built in limits it provides the player. Unlike playing on a Wii or Playstation or even Angry Birds on your Smart Phone, at some point you are forced to stop playing Candy Crush. Well, unless you want to buy more lives or beg your Facebook friends for them, but I digress. And I don’t do those things. I use up the five lives that Candy Crush gives me and when they run out, in about fifteen to thirty minutes depending on my run of luck, I have to wait to regenerate new lives. It sort of makes you take a break and put the game down. I like that. You will not find a slot machine anywhere in the world that forces you to stop playing and check your focus, but Candy Crush does. So, I will play on until I can say I have hit level 400.

One thing I noticed today was the music. I always have the sound off when I play, but I left it on for some reason. Every time you earn extra points the words “sweet” and “tasty” appear on the screen. Today I got to hear them aloud. Mother of pearl! The dude who says these words of encouragement sounds like a pervert, I swear! He almost turned me off my beloved Candy Crush! Thank goodness for volume controls!

So, although it is no longer Tuesday, here is my two cents on Candy Crush.  Do you have a favorite on line indulgence?





Summer of Giveaways….

Photo credit to homeschooldiaries.com

Photo credit to homeschooldiaries.com

The celebrations keep on keeping on here in the blogosphere this year!  Okay, lousy rhyme, but it rings so very true my friends. :-)  The giveaways have been abundant this summer and they are not done yet.  My lovely friend Sarah is celebrating the 4th anniversary of her awesome blog “Gluten Free and Dairy Free at WDW” for the next several weeks!  Yup, you heard me right, several weeks and the best part is each week a new prize will be up for grabs!  Yours truly is helping GF&DF@WDW celebrate by contributing our own cool prize.  Keep checking back each week, but just as a heads up MapleMouseMama will be featured the week of September 6th to 13th!!!  Our prize is an awesome CD by Food Allergy Awareness advocate and singer/songwriter Kyle Dine AND a book called “ICONIC” and it is all about the treasures you will find at the Royal Ontario Museum!!


The first prize up for grabs is actually two prizes!  GF&DF@WDW is giving away two copies of “The Allergy Free Cookbook” series.  This giveaway and all the others to come are open to both residents of Canada and the USA.  You can enter each of these giveaways by clicking HERE to go to MapleMouseMama’s Facebook page.  You need only follow the Rafflecopter widget to enter.  You can also enter via GF&DF@WDW’s Facebook page HERE.

Good luck and don’t forget to check back every week for some great prizes. Tell me, do you or anyone you know have Food Allergies?  Thanks for stopping by.



#CAARewards #TeamChicky

photo courtesy of melanieyost.com

photo courtesy of melanieyost.com

Okay so I know that you know that I don’t usually put hashtags in my post titles. I don’t put them in the post itself either.  Not because I don’t care, but mostly because I never really understood the why part.  I will admit it, I am Twitterless ( as in clueless ) when it comes to Twitter.  But, that is all changing with this great promotion I have become involved in.  A few days ago a call went out on this Facebook group I belong to for any Social Media moms who were interested in participating in this blogger challenge.  This was the perfect opportunity for me for several reasons: the bloggers had to be in the South Central Ontario area, which I am; I have been looking for new ways to expand my reach into my own community AND this would be a great opportunity to work with someone I have admired in the Social Media Arts, Mara Shapiro (@ChickyMara) :-)


Fast forward a bit, my “application” was accepted and I became a part of the six member #TeamChicky !!  This blogger challenge is called Spot the CAA Partner Brand Ambassador Campaign and it is all about CAA and their new loyalty program, aptly called CAA Rewards (#CAARewards on that Twitter thing).  The whole idea is for Team Chicky (and a few other teams) to spread the word about CAA Rewards and the great deals and promotions they have by using Social Media.  Along the way the teams will earn points and in the end Team Chicky will be declared the Ultimate Grand Supreme winner (my magic 8 ball told me so it has to be true.)  I am pretty sure there are no tiaras or reality TV show deals involved, but I would be happy with bragging rights. :-)

The good part is that while we are spreading this awesome news you are not only learning about the savings to be had by shopping with your CAA membership card in hand (both in stores and on line), but South Central Ontario residents will have a chance at some great prizes!!  Cue #CAARewards and remember to watch for it ( and not just on Twitter cause I am telling ya, these things are popping up everywhere!)

And now I would like to introduce you to…..


Mara Shapiro, Team Leader @ChickyMara

Paula Schuck @inkscrblr

Jennifer Martin @momvstheboys

Melanie Deland @MBAMamaMusings

Rossana Wyatt @RossanaWyatt

Suzanne Rudge @MapleMouseMama

I have a little favor to ask of my lovely followers.  How about checking out CAA South Central Ontario on Facebook HERE ( maybe show them a little LIKE) and on Twitter (@CAASCO)  You might even want to check out my fellow teammates.  They are all fascinating and savvy Social Media mavens :-)


Summer of Giveaways Continues…

Photo courtesy of Kellie, My Disney Devotional

Photo courtesy of Kellie, My Disney Devotional

This week we are helping out our lovely friends over at About the Mouse as they  celebrate their first birthday!!  Hooray!!  Usually it is the birthday girl or boy who gets the prezzies, but not today folks.  About the Mouse has teamed up with 23 other bloggers to bring some great prizes to our wonderful followers!  The Summer of Giveaways is still going strong so make sure you enter today for a chance at a lovely gift.

Photo courtesy of Kellie, My Disney Devotional

Photo courtesy of Kellie, My Disney Devotional

Please note that this particular giveaway is only open to residents of the US, age 18 and over, however future giveaways will be open to Canadian residents so don’t despair my fellow Canucks! I have not forgotten you. ♥♥

To enter this giveaway all you need do is head over to MapleMouseMama’s Facebook page HERE and click on the big, blue tab that says GIVEAWAY!  It will take you directly to the Rafflecopter widget where you can enter.  Good luck with the giveaway.  It will run from August 4th to August 10th

Thanks for stopping by.  Why not wish About the Mouse a Happy First Birthday in the comments below?



Wordless Wednesday: July 17th 2013

I am taking a little literary license here and posting my Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday.  Chalk it up to a hectic week. :-)  So, this weeks theme for the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop is Disney Social Media, which means you can post photos that either relate to a social media event ( let’s all put our hands together and pray that next year MapleMouseMama will have a legitimate Social Media photo because she was invited to the coveted DSMMC 2014!) or photos you may have used in a Social Media outlet, like Facebook, Twitter etc..  I chose to use a  photo of a very special friend that I met, face to face, because of Social Media. ♥  That friend would be none other than Mrs. Kim Dillen of the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

Kim and Emily at the Boardwalk Resort ♥♥

Kim and Emily at the Boardwalk Resort ♥♥

Now that you have seen my interpretation of Disney Social Media head over to Deb’s place at Focused on the Magic to see what her photos are like and check out a few other blogs while you’re at it!  Thanks for stopping by!



Focused on the Magic