May is Food Allergy Awareness Month!!

food allergy awareness monthFood Allergies have been a part of our family for almost five years now and just when I think everyone knows about them I meet a person who has no clue the damage a reaction can cause.  Or I will chat with someone who thinks making a classroom, or even a whole school nut free is over reacting.  It just points out to me that the job of creating awareness of Food Allergies is not over; not by a long shot.  Enter Food Allergy Awareness Month (FAAM), May 2014.  Continue reading

Two Down, Two To Go: Egg Allergy Beaten!!

Egg Allergy BeatenA little while ago I wrote a post about the upcoming Food Allergy Oral Challenge William would soon be facing.  That particular challenge was for his egg allergy.  It called for him to actually eat eggs, scrambled in this case.  I don’t mind sharing with you that I was scared to death for my son. Continue reading

No Child Without: Canadian MedicAlert Foundation

no child withoutRecently, quite by accident, I came across this wonderful program called No Child Without.  No Child Without is a FREE service for school aged children who have a medical condition or special need that has to be shared with medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Continue reading

CAI: Petition To Reduce The Risk For Anaphylactic Passengers

Canadian Anaphylaxis InitiativeThe Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) is a network of Canadian families who are devoted to raising awareness of anaphylaxis, a severe and life threatening condition, with our federal government.  Continue reading

World Allergy Week 2014

world allergy week 2014April 7th is the start of World Allergy Week for 2014.  This annual initiative was created by the World Allergy Organization (WAO) along with it’s members to bring about more awareness of allergic disease and related disorders.  The goal behind World Allergy Week is to get people talking about allergies, recognize they are a real disease and get better training programs in place.  The training that is needed goes beyond just learning how to inject an Epi Pen.  Society as a whole needs to see that allergic disease is on the rise and should be treated almost like a social disease, meaning it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Worldwide Love Remembers Day: Celebrating Lives Lost to Anaphylaxis

Love Remembers DayMarch 31st, 2014 is the first annual Love Remembers Day – Celebration of Lives Lost to Anaphylaxis. This day is being dedicated to the memory of those in the food allergy community who have died from Anaphylaxis. Continue reading

Why I Want My Son To Fail His Food Allergy Test

Life threatening food allergiesRight off the bat that title just shrieks of bad parenting. Who would want their child to fail any test at all, let alone one that could erase a life threatening food allergy from their child’s life? Well, me in this case..

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Rashmi’s Bakery: Food Allergy & Vegan Friendly Fare

Rashmi's Bakery /MapleMouseMamaRashmi’s Bakery is one of those finds that you hope you will never, ever have to give up.  This might be a strange way to think of a bakery when there are hundreds of them around, but Rashmi’s Bakery is not like every other bakery out there.  I discovered Rashmi’s last year when I was searching for a local place to obtain baked goods from for my food allergic son William.  As many people will tell you I am not a great asset in the kitchen so whipping up treats at the last minute doesn’t happen. With the list of birthday parties that William was being invited to growing by the day I wanted to find a place to shop that had ready made cupcakes that were safe for him to eat.  Rashmi’s Bakery to the rescue!

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