Somewhere Over The #RainbowLoom…..

Rainbow Loom MapleMouseMamaChances are if you have a daughter between the ages of five and fifteen you know what Rainbow Loom is. This latest craze in kid crafting was one of the hottest toys to ask for this Christmas and yes, my daughter Emily was on that bandwagon to.  Rainbow Loom is her new obsession and I have the pictures to prove it!

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Did You Just Say “A Moose In A Maple Tree?”

A Moose in a Maple TreeYou are not hearing things and no, you do not need glasses.  This time of year you often hear about a certain bird in said tree, but it is time to make some room up in the branches for Troy Townsin’s newest book, “A Moose In A Maple Tree.”  This engaging story is the “original all Canadian 12 Days of Christmas” and you will love it!  Troy, who is himself originally from down under ( aka Australia ;-) ) is now a proud Canadian and he shows it well in this delightful children’s book.  Canucks all over this whole wide world will relate well to the hockey sticks, totem poles and mounties.  I am in love with the winsome illustrations by Jennifer Harrington.  They leap off the page in an unobtrusive way and only add depth to the renewed song of Christmases past.

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From out of no-where comes….

I thought I should catch up on posting about all the cute things my two cuties say, out of no-where.  The list can be extensive, but I will keep this short.  Just taking the opportunity to tidy up my ever stretching list of notes to get it all out here.  These are the types of things I hope to always recall them saying, but in the event that doesn’t happen I will have them permanently etched in blogdom :-)

Emily is truly my enigma and I know I have said that before.  She has a heart of gold and is very emotional like her mama.  I love to listen to her ramble on with her cute and entertaining stories and I have encouraged her to write them down.  Maybe she will write a book someday.  She has in fact told me that someday she will take over the writing for MapleMouseMama!  Clever and ambitious to boot!

Something that Emily said to me awhile ago that has stayed with me is in regards to babies and how they get to look like both their parents.  Remember, Emily is only nine so she doesn’t know the cold hard facts yet.  Her comments came to mind today because we were at a baby shower and everyone was sharing their opinion on who the baby of honor looked like.  Emily’s declaration to me not so long ago was that babies look like their dads because molecules float through the air from the dad and they are absorbed into the moms tummy.  But this can only happen when they are in the same room and the mom’s tummy has to be getting big!  Oh, the innocence :-)   Another sweet story about my girl happened this weekend.  She has asked to watch the movie Titantic, with Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio in it.  We decided that she could watch it, as long as we fast forwarded a few romantic parts.  Now, remember how I mentioned that Emily is emotional like me?  Well, she was sitting with her back to me, watching the movie (she was kind of in front of me on our other couch), so I could not see her face.  The ship was going down and people were freaking out and I noticed that Emily’s shoulders were shaking.  My poor child was so upset, she was quietly crying to herself!  I spent the rest of the movie pausing it to let her cry and lament the senseless deaths these poor people faced so long ago.  She must have gone through a box of tissues!  She insisted she wanted to see it through to the end, but man was she torn.  I know that I should have shut it off, but the lack of closure would have been worse in some ways.  Anyway, the little girl that seems to want to grow up so fast was reduced to being just a little girl last night, needing to cuddle with her mom.  We shared a few tears over Titantic and for the loss of Rose’s true love Jack and then went to bed.  Emily was fine throughout the night, but the first thing she said to me this morning (other than that she felt taller :-) ) was that the Titantic was on her mind and forever would be..

Now William is another adorable story altogether.  He is just three, but already so smart.  He knows how to make you laugh and he is such a boy.  Climbs on anything, takes all sorts of risks and knows how to get his sister to do things for him.

In the past couple of weeks William has taken to calling his sister “Emily, my darling.”  It really is precious to hear him say that to her and she of course, loves it :-)  Yesterday, during an hour long car ride, William would say to me, “Mama, can I tell you something?”  I would answer yes William and his reply, about thirty plus times was, “I love you”.  Does a mama’s heart good to hear that once, but thirty times?!  I was melting!  My little boy, muah!!  That goes hand in hand with his puppy dog noises.  William started this a long time ago, but it never gets old.  Out of the blue he will look at me with his big brown eyes and make little whimpering sounds.  I say something like, “hello my little puppy” and he is content once again.

Recently William had McDonald’s for dinner and he had the Happy Meal.  He knows you get a toy in it and quite frankly, other than a few fries that is all he is looking for :-)  Well, he had the little box opened and was rummaging around in it, then pulled out the toy.  He looked at it in disgust and said, “Not a girl toy!”  I nearly peed my pants!  The tone of his voice clearly showed his displeasure.  It was hilarious! Another cute thing he recently said was to the babysitter.  She made him sit in a time out for some infraction and William told her he was done with her.  She nearly choked!  Today he picked up a roll of brown paper, the kind used to keep wrapping paper on.  He asked me to unroll it so he could do his exercises on it :-)  He then went on to talk about Zumba as if he created the popular form of exercise himself!

Since I am on a roll I’m gonna add a few more things.  This is mostly for me, but if it entertains anyone all the more better :-)

-William likes to watch little shows on our PlayBook, I think cause it is small enough to hold in his hands.  His current favorites include the show Lazytown, but in Spanish and a homemade show someone put on YouTube about a scary version of Dora the Explorer and how she wants to “get” her monkey friend Boots.  He listens to the Spanish version of both actually, as if he was Latin or something…

-William likes to sneak pennies out of this jar we have in our bedroom closet.  It is the kind you drop pennies in for a lifetime and plan to roll up some day.  William will grab a small handful so he can fill his piggybank with them :-)

-One night, after watching Emily do her chores, he proceeded to show me exactly how she should have swept the kitchen floor, but he used his little fingers as the broom and dustpan.  I was floored watching him!

Okay, I think I am good for now.  I am just happy to get these memories and anecdotes down, in some hard copyish way.  I know we all have a million of these for our own kids, but at least this way I will always be able to remember them.  Kiss your kids and love them tight!