The Winter Festival Of Lights in Niagara Falls!!

Festival of Lights Niagara FallsVacationing in Niagara Falls may seem cliche to some, but for this resident of Southern Ontario it is anything but.  I consider myself fortunate to live just down the highway from this natural wonder and we make the hour and an half drive several times a year to visit. Niagara Falls has so much to offer besides the spectacular views of the beautiful falls; from shopping and dining to the casinos, shows and out-of-the-norm places to visit (think Guinness World Records Museum). All of this, and more, is available to be enjoyed year round! Continue reading

A Super #Giveaway From Canadian WAHM Superheros!

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Welcome and bienvenue to the Canadian WAHM Superheroes Super Giveaway, hosted by Lindsay at Maman Loup’s Den!

When Lindsay first took the plunge into becoming a Work-at-Home Mom, she went in search of a community of fellow WAHMs with whom to network. Finding only resources suitable to American Moms, she decided to create her own group. She called it “Canadian WAHM Superheroes” because it can sometimes take superhuman powers to manage a home-based business and a home!

This giveaway highlights the creations of 11 Canadian WAHMs and is open to their target audience: CANADIANS! (Shipping costs make cross-border business pretty tricky)

Check out these 10 awesome prizes for 11 lucky-duck Canuck winners: Continue reading

Quinoa, Kale & Butternut Squash Salad, Oh My!

Quinoa, KaleThe last thing I thought I would ever eat and actually enjoy is this salad.  Yes, it does actually contain quinoa, kale and butternut squash and yes it does actually taste really good! Both quinoa and kale are considered to be super healthy due to all the great nutrients they contain.  Read up on them if you really want to know more, but the most important part, the taste, I can vouch for.  They were pretty good!  Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving last weekend and it was my lovely Mama who decided to make this concoction.  I must point out that she got the recipe from the Marilyn Denis Show and it was showcased by chef Lynn Crawford. Being a blogger and not being very good at cooking I jumped at the chance to help out and share this dish with you. Continue reading

Make Your Voice Be Heard Ontario: Vote On Oct 27th, 2014!

VoteIn a few short weeks Ontarians over the age of 18 will have the opportunity to vote in our municipal elections. The sad fact is that many will not exercise this right. I have always wondered why. To be able to vote is to give your opinions a voice. Voting is your chance to help shape the future of your community, while improving it’s present. Continue reading

Glama Gal Hallow’Tween Party & #Giveaway

Every year the family and I look forward to spending Halloween together. It has become a tradition to spend it with my nieces and make a little party of it (whether it falls on a school night or not). Every year the girls painstakingly do up their costumes, making sure their make up is just right and the hem is not too long.  Photos are snapped and reflector tape is added to their bags (much to their chagrin). Excitement really does fill the air as one by one the kids; Krystin, Kayla, Emily and William, hurry us along to get out the door and start trick or treating.  Youthful innocence is evident at every laugh and every fake scream of fear. :-) Continue reading

The 2014 #RecycleDrive Campaign Is Back!


I rarely get excited about garbage day, even when I see how much recycling my family has done that week, but when I read about the #RecycleDrive Campaign with CAASCO (South Central Ontario) and Ontario Tire Stewardship I have to admit my heart did a little dance! 2014 marks the fourth annual eco-friendly recycling initiative which invites us to bring in our old batteries, oil and tires to any participating CAA Auto Approved Repair Facility (AARF) so they can be properly recycled. My excitement resulted from the realization that I can finally dispose of the overflowing bucket of batteries we have in the garage. Ya I know, I am easy to please. Continue reading