Smart Parents Use Smart Mitts

smart mitts

So, how many pairs of mittens has your little one lost so far this winter?  If they are like my son William the answer is more then you can count on one hand.  And it is only December.  What was I going to do?  I can only hit up my mom to knit a pair every once in awhile so I needed a smart answer fast and that is when I heard from Tracy, the founder of Smart Mitts. Tracy has reinvented wearing, and not losing, mittens for the younger crowd.  Continue Reading →

Disney-Pixar’s Newest “Emotion” Picture: Inside Out


By now we all know how wonderful the movies that Disney provides us with are. The magic come alive! When Pixar joined the scene it got even better. Think “Toy Story“, “Up” and a personal favorite “WALL•E.” Do I need to go on? Well, I may not need to, but Disney-Pixar does and once again they are working on a masterpiece.  Next summer will bring us the release of “Inside Out” and you are not going to believe where they are headed this time: Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: December 10th, 2014

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

We are back once again with the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  My how does the time fly so fast? This week the theme of our hop, brought to you by the divine Deb from Focused on the Magic, is “Make Mine Music!” We love to stay at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort and the great pool is a part of it! These are just a couple of shots from the Doubloon Lagoon, which comes complete with it’s own All Alligator Band!  Enjoy the show folks and don’t forget to head over to see Deb and some other lovely Disney folk for their take on “Make Mine Music!” Continue Reading →

Cute & Comfy With Camp & Cabin Onesies! #Giveaway #CampAndCabinCozy

What better way to keep the chill of winter at bay then a roaring fire, a glass of your favorite beverage and an adorable onesie from Camp & Cabin by Snugabye! You read that right folks, Snugabye. The makers of those sweet sleepers with the famous Convert-A-Foot feature have been keeping our little ones snug as a bug in a rug for over sixty years! Since 1947 we have trusted Snugabye’s quality garments to provide comfort and warmth when you want it most – while sleeping.  Well, comfort is not just for your little ones at nap time anymore.  It’s time for mamas and papas to share in the joy that is a onesie and Camp & Cabin by Snugabye has the answer. Continue Reading →

Photography Fun With Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera #Giveaway

Instax Mini 8

One of the hottest items on every tween, teen and many adults wish list this year is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera.  I should know because my own tween has been “reminding” me of it’s awesomeness for months now.  I was thrilled to no end to hook up with Fujifilm to learn first hand about this great camera.  If you have been paying attention these past few years the instant camera has evolved and the Instax Mini 8 is the proof.  In this age of selfies how cool would it be to have your photo in your hand mere moments after you have taken it, rather then just viewing it on your phone? As my Emily has expressed to me multiple times the whole point is to share them “instantly Mom” with your friends, decorate your locker at school or plaster your mirror and bedroom walls with these dynamite mini photos! It really is pretty cool. :-) Continue Reading →

Easy Peasy Cheesy Cheesecake! #Recipe

cheesecake recipe
So you know me, I don’t like to cook – much, or bake – much, but it is fun to watch. :-)  That was my role this weekend while my hubby made his first ever Easy Peasy Cheesy Cheesecake! I watched, held the bowl, took some fabulous photos, generally kept him company (probably blogged at the same time) and ultimately I was the taste tester.  Not bad for a day’s work.. So, back to the Easy Peasy Cheesy Cheesecake.  I, like my husband Doug, thought making a cheesecake was going to be a daunting task, but it was actually pretty simple, err easy.  Had I known this before methinks we would have made Easy Peasy Cheesy Cheesecake a long time ago! So, here is the low down should you want to try this timeless delight yourself.. Continue Reading →

Light Up the Night: Philips Disney SoftPals #Giveaway

“I am afraid of the dark” is an all too common phrase heard by my kiddos at night. (Shh, don’t tell Emily I told you. :-) ) The other night William wanted to leave his overhead light AND lamp on. Instead I convinced him to plug in our new Philips Disney SoftPal.  These adorable portable night lights are the perfect solution for kiddos who need a bit of light to keep them company in the middle of the night.  Ironically, instead of worrying about monsters under the bed, William was getting all cozy with a different monster; none other then Mike from Disney’s Monsters University! Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: December 3rd, 2014

Christmas in Disney

December is here and so is Wordless Wednesday!  This week the theme for the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop is December, one of the best times of the year to actually be in Walt Disney World.    My photos do not do it justice, but here is a glimpse at the wonderful decorations that seem to magically appear in all the parks in as short a time as one night. Continue Reading →

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