Something To Be Thankful For…

childrenToday is not Wordless Wednesday or Silent Sunday or Throwback Thursday so there is no blog related reason I am sharing this photo.  I am doing it just because.  Because tonight I came home after a very long and very tiring day at work with a pounding headache, ready to throw in the towel and my two imps, the ones pictured above, made me feel better.  A lot better.  Continue reading

Am I Too Old To Stalk A Boy Band? #OneDirection

one directionBefore you answer that question take a good look at the crazy things you have done lately for your own kiddos and then answer me. Now maybe stalk is a bit of an overuse of the word.  Maybe I should rephrase (but then how would my post stand out for SEO purposes)  and say something like “follow” a boy band or maybe “show an interest” in said boy band.  No, I think stalk is pretty close to what I have been up to lately. You are welcome Emily. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: July 9th, 2014

Disney Wordless WednesdayHere we are back again for another week’s worth of the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  Our theme this week is #DisneySide, brought to us by the lovely Deb from Focused on the Magic!  Check out how we show our #DisneySide around here and then head over to Deb’s to see how others do.  Link up your own pics while you are there so we can share the love. :-) Continue reading

How Not To Boil Water ( And Other Assorted Cooking Tips)

cookingFirst off I have never claimed to be a great cook, not even a good one.  If you have ever read one of my food type posts you will know that. The fact of the matter is that I dislike cooking about as much as I dislike taking a bath.  Disclaimer: I do like to shower so you do not need to stand ten feet down wind when near me.  At least most of the time. But I digress.  The kitchen and I do not get along.  I used to not mind cooking.  Heck I could even make a mean lasagna almost from scratch! But something happened to change all that and here I am, fifteen years later, not really giving a darn about cooking. Continue reading

#SizzlingSummer $300 Cash #Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Sizzling Summer Cash Giveaway

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Baby its Hot Outside.

How do you keep cool in the summer heat? Take a trip somewhere fun? Visit a water park? Head to the neighborhood pool every afternoon? Sit in front of a fan? Enjoy a cold beverage or two or three..? Whatever way you pick to cool off I am sure you could use a little walkin’ around money to help with the cost of all that cool, right? Continue reading

Frozen In July #Giveaway

Frozen in July Giveaway

Welcome to the Frozen in July giveaway event hosted by Daily Mothering!

If your children love Frozen, you don’t want to miss this giveaway!  Heck, if you love Frozen, and we know you do, then you have to enter!!
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What Frozen Things Do In Summer….

Frozen Summer FunLet’s face it, Disney had a blockbuster hit on their hands when Frozen hit theatres late last fall.  Girls and boys of all ages love Frozen, including this big kid right here. :-) Heck I created a whole birthday party for both my kids this past February based on that fabulous film! It takes a lot to get me making and baking stuff and Frozen accomplished that.  Disney Parks has taken the magic of Frozen one step further this summer. Starting July 5th Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Disney World will turn into a popsicle until September 1st!  It will be as if Queen Elsa herself blew into town… Continue reading

Bank Cord Blood With Insception Lifebank: Family or Public?

banking cord bloodThis is one of my most favorite photos from when young William was born a few years ago.  Lovingly held by his big sister, neither with a care in the world.  At the time, although I knew that banking William’s cord blood was an option, it was very expensive and seemed like something we would never need. When Emily had been born six years earlier it was not even on my radar!  Fast forward today, over five years later, and banking your newborn’s cord blood is becoming increasingly more popular and more accessible to families financially.  Continue reading